Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Garden Whining

A rolling, billowing thunderstorm has driven me inside this afternoon, but that isn't the only incentive to be inside; there is a lot of whining going on in the garden, in this case emanating from clouds of hungry mosquitoes. We had a very dry spring and early summer, then suddenly turned hot and wet, with clouds of mosquitoes appearing; the worst I've seen in many years, making it all but impossible to work in the garden. Weeding has just gone by the wayside. Anybody had luck with Mosquito Magnet??

Mosquito Magnet?

Is that the mechanical carbon dioxide emitter/trap?

It sure sounds like a good idea. Target the insect you want to destroy...
Yah, Jenn... that's it. I've never run into one in action to see how well they really work.
Well, whatever you do, avoid "zappers" at all costs! They don't do sh-t to control mosquitoes but they'll kill darn near every beetle and moth you have.
I'll ask over on the LJ Gardening group. There's a huge bunch of people, somebody will have some experience with them...
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