Saturday, June 25, 2005

Daylily (unlabelled). Posted by Hello

I've read that all of those orange day lillies that are common in roadside ditches across the country are clones and that this plant cannot reproduce sexually.

When i am hiking the woods and I happen upon a patch of day lillies are start to look around for signs of a former cabin. Since they travel well and replant so readily, I understand that settlers put them in their dooryard gardens -- among the first things they planted.
That's interesting; here in our neck of the woods they are called tiger lilies (which they also call the spotted orange true lilies, which makes for some confusion) but I think most parts of the country call them ditch lilies. They are certainly ubiquitous here in farm country, and typically there is a big clump in the ditch in front of old farmsteads. They are hell to get rid of; I accidentally brought some in mixed in with hybrid daylilies from a previous garden, and I don't think I'll ever be free of them.
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