Thursday, June 23, 2005

Daylily 'Forever Red'; I wish I had more sunny spots for daylilies... I'd love to have an area where you walk around a shady corner into a sunny area with about twenty different red daylilies. You're right if you just thought "I'll bet he had a shiny red sports car when he was young."Posted by Hello

Doh! I assumed that all the gardening blogs I read are written by women. I was totally thrown by your "he." Then I saw that, yes, that is a male name in your profile. :)
Gosh, I never thought of myself as having a particularly feminine persona... I guess you missed the piece I did about me and my football tailgating buddies seeing how many beers we could drink, then smash the empty beer cans on our foreheads before we started bleeding.
Don (Bubba)
Bubba, you are such a stitch!

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