Thursday, June 23, 2005

Daylily 'Awesome Blossom'. This flower truly is awesome; the substance of the petals is uniquely heavy, the color saturation is very nice, and in spite of the ruffles and crinkles, it opens well, and is even a heavy bloomer. If I was limited to only one daylily in my garden, this would have to be it; I still look forward to seeing it bloom each year. It was released by the hybridizer, Salter, in 1996, and is, I note, being used a lot in further hybridizing. Interestingly the daylily 'Wisest of Wizards' shown below is one of the parents. Some of the newer daylily hybrids are just jaw-dropping, but so are their introductory prices ($100-$200), so it will be MANY years before any of them grace this garden (Awesome Blossom is now available for as little as $15).Posted by Hello

Interesting information about this daylily. I'll have to look for it.
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