Sunday, May 29, 2005

Garden Mysteries

There are lots of mysteries in the garden... where did I leave that trowel, why did I plant a bright pink rose right next to a chartreuse arborvitae, but this is a bigger mystery, involving a very small plant... what the heck is this, anyway? It's popped up in the middle of an azalea bed, and I have no idea what it is, but have this nagging suspicion it's something I planted and promptly forgot about. It's only about four inches tall, arising from the ground like a rolled up newspaper, as on the left, then spreading a pair of waxy leaves that suggest a pair of kidneys. It looks like it might be getting a tiny flower bud at the base of the leaves. It's cute whatever it is. Of course things do pop up around here that I had nothing to do with. My Sister had given me some cleome seed, which I scattered about. Last sping a plant sprang up in a sunny spot in the mum bed, so I left it be, and it grew taller, and taller, and then one day, when it was about five foot tall, I really looked at it, and realized it was a marijuana plant, lustily odiferous, and sticky. Now wild hemp is actually pretty common in Iowa (during WW II they tried growing it to make rope), but we do have some pretty big parties, with people wandering at will through the garden, so who knows. At any rate I pulled it up, in case my Mother-in-law brings her church garden group back for another tour. Posted by Hello

Ha! Love the story about the "weed" that sprung up in your garden. I'm reluctant to sow seeds in the garden myself because I have a hard time telling the weeds from the seedlings.
Laurie, I've pulled up my share of flowers by mistake.
Growing "weed" in gardens is soo 60s. :)
The seedlings are Calycanthus floridus more than likely.
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