Sunday, April 10, 2005

Spring snowflake (leucojum). These are attractive, rather large plants that bloom for a long time in late spring. The downside? They spread fairly aggressively, and their foliage, which is about the size of a large daffodil, stays green FOREVER, and flops around, laying on, and shading out, other plants around it. For such dainty flowers, it's a LOT of foliage to contend with. I really need to dig it out of my mixed beds and give it spots of its own in the woods, where it can flop around to it's heart's content. Posted by Hello

Yeah, let it flop around on the garlic mustard! You've got quite the collection of spring photos here. Do you have any idea what the primrose with the silver line around the petals is?
Kathy, the primrose is an un-named seedling of a pruhonica cross... I absolutely, above all else love this group of primroses... they are rather like the Wanda cross, but more variable, and rock-hardy, spreading into large mats.
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