Saturday, April 16, 2005

Primula Kisoana

Primula kisoana: primroses usually justifiably are thought of as delicate shade and moisture lovers, but this species is a little toughie, that you can't kill with a stick. It keeps growing out into the bark chip pathways that are underlain with weed barrier. Posted by Hello

Love all your photos. Such a daily treat!
Thanks for your comments... this time of year I'm almost too pooped to take pictures or write anything.
Aha, I've been ogling your beautiful primroses and meaning to ask if there were any that might survive in my dry woods. This looks like it could be a candidate. Can you recommend a source?
Evermay Nursery, up in your neck of the woods has Primula kisoana for only $4.50, but they are sold out for the year. This little primrose would be good for a dry woods with some sunny patches. I think its main desire is loose, duffy soil, and not being shaded out by bigger plants.
Thanks, I just checked Evermay's web site, and they have quite a few plants that look interesting. I'm finished with mail orders for this year anyhow, so Primula kisoana will go on next year's wish list. I think I have a spot where it could be happy. BTW, I'm the other Kathy. (Have to get a more distinctive Blogger ID)
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