Monday, April 18, 2005

Hosta Love

Hosta, Golden Oracle. To say that hostas are the backbone of Midwest gardens is certainly no exaggeration. Get yourself some hostas, a few peonies, and a bridal wreath spirea, and you got yourself a garden. Not too long ago, I posted on a garden message board, that I thought of hostas somewhat like those big art prints that you buy at a furniture store to stick in that dark back hallway to give your guests something other than paint to look at when they look for the bathroom. Well! I must say, I got a few testy e-mails from hostaphiles about that one. To give them their due, I will say there is no lovelier foliage in the late spring garden than hostas.Some of the newer ones just look unearthly when they first emerge... June, and Remember Me, are my two favorites. Posted by Hello

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