Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Epimedium Black Sea

If you're only going to have ONE epimedium, may I suggest E. Black Sea? It's a good sized plant for an epimedium, with it's profusion of flowers being an unusual and subtle butterscotch yellow. It's leaves are green during the growing season, but in the fall turn shiny, very dark, chocolate purple, and stay good looking until winter really sets in, long after most plants in the garden are but a memory. I have it planted near the entrance to the garden, right under a clump of Heritage birch, and in December, the combination of the blonde-cinnamon birch trunks, and the deep, moody-colored epimedium are always worth a stop, during a time of year when there's not so much gaudy competition. Posted by Hello

If I'd been a little sharper when I looked through all the wonderful daffodils, I'd've seen this little gem (but probably still not have made the connection with mine!).

I think that ours must be Epimedium x youngianum. Can't tell you how satisfying it is to know its identity! Thanks!
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