Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The UPS trucks are rolling... There are lots of signs of spring for gardeners, but what better one than the first spring plant order arriving in a big, brown truck. My first order came in today, from Arrowhead Alpines. The first plant I unpacked was this little pot containg a 5" tall specimen of a clone of Viburnum carlesii that was selected for particularly intense fragrance, and that it has; even at this size it perfumes a whole room. One can imagine what it will be like in the garden someday when it's 5 foot tall! One of our kittens came up as I was unpacking the plants,and got so excited by the fragrance, that she bit off part of an epimedium, and wanted to start on a primrose. Posted by Hello

Viburnums! Is there anything better than a viburnum?
Well, maybe TWO viburnums!
What's the name of your especially fragrant viburnum? Do you think Arrowhead is the only one that sells it?
The label says "Viburnum carlesii hybrid, extremely fragrant". In the catalogue they say it doesn't match with any of their known hybrids, but has overpowering fragrance.They'd be the only ones to offer this particular plant, but plain old V. carlesii is pretty fragrant in itself.
New fragrant critter food? how thoughtful of you!
Wanda, The deer just constantly circle the garden, like vultures. Two new yearlings joined our regular herd today, and they were standing in front of the main garden gate trying to figure out how to get in... I hope the grass starts growing to distract them.
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