Thursday, March 17, 2005


Getting new kittens from the animal shelter is fascinating, as you never know what personality is going to appear as your pet matures. Our two older cats were both sweet and laid-back; when one of them died at age 15, we brought home two new kittens; one of which is also pretty laid-back, and then there's Snickers. I think she has FADD: feline attention deficit disorder. Distraction is her middle name; it's not uncommon to see her sitting by herself in the middle of the lawn for 10 minutes, with her head constantly swivelling around in every direction, including straight up, just looking at who knows what (I say she's looking at everything and nothing in particular). Whether she's twenty feet up a tree chasing a squirrel, or pulling all the kleenex out of a box and scattering them around the house (or getting her head stuck in the box trying to get the last kleenex), she does nothing half way. She reminds me of myself when young, and I survived, and sort of grew up, so I have hopes for Snickers, but seeing her out on the iced over pond this winter, running back and forth as fast as she could, and then sliding across the ice in circles, made me wonder. Posted by Hello

You have me laughing like a madwoman this morning...cats can be very ammusing but you have to have a sence of humour to enjoy them, certainly!
I grew up with dogs, never really liking them all that much, and then was introduced to cats in my early twenties. First it was one, and then another, and since then we've had 27 cats, not a one has had kittens due to our policy of instant neutering, and that's 27 fewer for the gas chambers or the road, since we've never gone looking to buy one.

A lot of non-cat people will remark that cats have only one personality, but every single one of ours has had a distinctive and complex personality that evolves over time. The best thing is that of all the personalities, none of our cats have been dishonest. If they like you, you know it and it's a huge compliment, and if they don't, they don't pretend otherwise.
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