Monday, February 21, 2005

Sadie & Snickers: guess which one is trouble? Posted by Hello

WOW! Nice cats!
Gio, you're welcome to borrow Snickers for a few weeks, anytime! She opens up all of the cupboards and starts pulling stuff out until she finds something she wants to play with, then takes off with it... a couple of times I came home and thought we were burgled, but it was just Snickers.
You have a great blog! Kittens....double trouble and those look like scamps if I ever saw any. You are lucky to have so much land to play on!
Girl, thanks for stopping by; there are days like today when I'm ambivalent about the land... on the one hand a pair of red tailed hawks were lazily looping overhead, and dozens of geese were honking up and down the valley. On the other hand, I spent a good share of the day cutting up and hauling away a huge elm tree that was a victim of Dutch elm... of course, that means tons of morels this Spring where the elm was.
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