Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Arrival Of Thanksgiving

Early winter, and the Holiday Season have arrived in the midst of our little valley like some unbidden and not totally welcome presence. The days pass in a blur with all the energy and exuberance of a new puppy. I note that this Iowa Garden still gets a surprising number of visits every day, considering that the blog is frozen in time; rather like passing folks peeking over the fence at a gardener slumbering next to his hollyhock patch, I guess... not much going on, but worth a quick peek.
Unfortunately, among the visitors there seems to be quite a band of folks from China and other exotic ports of call, that wish everyone to know that they would be pleased to have you send envelopes of cash to purchase fake Viagra. While I have comment moderation, taking the time to occasionally delete these posts is a minor irritant, so that I am reluctantly turning off commenting. If you need to get in touch, you'll just have to stop by (it will be worth it, as you'll go home with an armload of plants).

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