Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Puttying Around

When the puttyroot orchids bloom in the woods, I know it is time to watch for new fawns, and this year has not been a disappointment. A few days ago I was just walking along the garden pathway near the pond, glanced down, and there was the tiniest of new fawns curled up right by the path; I could have picked it up in the palm of my hand. Mom was nearby, lying in the woods. That path has been off limits so as not to frighten them, but I've had some peeks through the binoculars of the doe licking her fawn and nursing it. Now the fawn is walking better, so they've moved over to a hill above the pond where there are some nice breezes and a bit of green grass.
The new fawn has some lineage here, as I'm pretty sure its mother was a new fawn here herself two years ago; I'm not totally certain, as I've not put name badges or different colored caps on all the deer to tell them apart (though I've thought about it). However, the doe is a distinctive bright chestnut, and short in stature.
She was one of two fawns of a most wonderful mother, as we had a tiny, motherless fawn (that I called "Sweetheart") show up at that time and some of the older deer were trying to run it off. Though she already had two, slightly older fawns of her own, that doe took in Sweetheart, and she and the three fawns were a tight family.
So, I would say our new fawn is the offspring of Sweetheart's stepsister... you know, maybe I need to get out more.
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What a sweet story, that makes my day. I keep picturing picking up a tiny fawn and holding it in the palm of my hand.
I cannot imagine picking up a fawn in the palm of my hand. What a feeling of awe and wonder! You are gathering quite a family over there. :-)
Oops! I forgot to ask about the odd name of this plant! Is there a story?
Megan & Shady; thanks for your comments. the puttyroot orchid is so named because its root contains a sticky substance which was used by early settlers to mend cracked pots, etc.

What a beautiful ending for your blog. Thank you for such kindness.
My best wishes to you!

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