Friday, May 01, 2009

Corydalis buschii

Many of the species of corydalis are, how should I put this... coarse. There is no such problem though, with Corydalis buschii, native to eastern Russia down into North Korea. It is small and delicately ferny; almost frail in appearance, with gorgeous little flowers of crushed cherry and black raspberry. It is a total winner for a shady spot with loose, rich soil; it should be purchased for your shade garden immediately (well, next spring would be o.k. I guess).

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It's a beauty! But of course, everything you have is! My shopping list is growing longer because of you.
Super super cute and you got love that cold climate provenance. How different from C. solida is it?
From Eastern Russia... Hmmm.. Been there. Lived there. Missed it! Shame on me! Will get it for my garden!
Ahhh, another wonderful specimen from Russia. I recently received Corydalis woroshillovii - wonderuflly two toned blue gem with the same lacy-ferny foliage. It only gets 8-12" so I have it at the front of the shaded border where it can take centre stage during its bloom period. I love this genus!
I'm pretty sure you're talking to me!! I'd get it if I could, but I'm right now setting up a nursery of the plants I've already ordered! :-)

Does C lutea get very tall?? Somehow, I think it's growing all over in my garden!! Does it have kind of little leaves that might remind you of the California poppy when it first begins to grow??
I agree with flowrgirl1 - my wish list has grown quite a bit since I started reading your blog. :-)
flowrgirl,Tatyana, Keri... I am the enabler!
Shady... C.lutea is a wild seeder! I've tried without success to banish it. It's foliage is quite attractive, with many tiny leaves.

Jenn... glad you like it :o)

teza... I'm also going a little bonkers over corydalis; I've added about a dozen new species in the last two years. I'll have to look for woroshillovii !
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