Monday, January 28, 2008

Roller Coaster Weather

It seems to me that since we have four seasons to the year, each three months long, that there is plenty of time and opportunity for each type of weather to occur in its own proper season; it all doesn't need to try crowding into January.
Thursday it got down to -15 at night; today it is to be in the upper 50's with thunderstorms; by tomorrow night it's going to be back down below zero, with twenty below zero wind chills and snow... that's about 125 degrees of turnaround in five days. I don't think it's asking too much to expect a little order and decorum in our weather... hmmmm?
Talk about frost-heaving in the garden; I think I just saw a primrose sailing over a five foot tall viburnum this morning.

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yep, your primrose just sailed past my garden on its way to Chicago....this weather is nuts.

NW Illinois
And you'd best be watching your footing if you "aim" to be doing any walking about in your yard! If primroses sail past Chicago, I'm not sure where you might land! ;-)
Well, the wind is blowing strong enough now to get a primrose at least to Rockford.
TELL me about it. Thursday morning I walked 6 blocks at -10 degrees on my way to teach my morning class (let's ignore the windchill). When I walked back to my car at noon, it was sunny and nearly 20. Today? 58 and sunny. Tomorrow? 15 and 40mph wind.

Hey, shouldn't you be in Mexico soon anyway? Sheesh.
Well, when I went out to get the paper this morning it was shirtsleeve weather... tonight it is going to be nine below zero with 25-35 mph winds.

Estoy voya Mexico 2/8.
Oh, come now - you'd be bored if the temperature remained in the 20's all winter long. This is the Midwest: roller coaster temperatures give us bragging rights!
MMD... after this winter, boring weather sounds kind of nice :o)
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