Friday, July 21, 2006

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears

We have scads of hostas in our garden... blue, green, yellow... some as large as four feet across, but of all of them, the one I most often stop and look at is this small hosta, 'Blue Mouse Ears', which I could hold in the palm of my hand. It is said to top out at a foot across, and that seems about right. It has very crisp, thick leaves, and is very symmetrical, with flowers that are large for the plant. Some hostas get kind of straggly looking after a hot summer, but this little hosta always looks like it just climbed out of the shower... it of course needs its own special little spot, lest it get lost in the shuffle. Posted by Picasa

Nice Hostas! I wish I could grow them here. They're just a buffet for the slugs and snails I'm afraid.
That is way too cute! I must find myself one of those. :)
Don, it is a dangerous use of my time to visit your blog. I want half of your garden, but I don't know where I could shoehorn it in!

Must get Mouse Ears and Orienpets...
Mouse ears is a great little hosta, ande you can ALWAYS fit in one more little plant... it's fairly slug resistant (not slug-proof).
Blue Mouse Ears hostas are great - and they make the perfect transition between my Elegans hosta and my Bog Rosemary, for gradiated shades from green-blue to silver-blue.
I just ordered some of these,and can't wait. I need more shade! Any ideas for fast shade coverage? I love shade plants,but most of my yard is too sunny,can they take morning sun ok? Becki
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