Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's Alive!!

Wow, look at that big old, dead wolf spider... I'll just poke it with my finger... hmmm; hey, are those eyes glowing?
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We had some of these last year and I almost stepped on one in the grass. I no longer walk barefoot in my grass--a crying shame. I heard they can take down small cats, so we don't let ours out anymore. Of course, I've heard their both reluctant AND eager to attack stuff, so....
A good-sized specimen. It's a good thing I wear my shoes... and don't have a cat! ;-)
Benjamin & Shady... I see "winter madness" is starting early! I'll have you know the large spiders around here are quite friendly and have taken to following me around out in the garden; they like having their tummies rubbed.

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