Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nice Little Toadie

I really like the small, clump-forming toad lilies; this is Tricyrtis Minazuki; it is a named selection of Tricyrtis hirta var. masamunei, which is a hairless, yellow foliaged form of Tricyrtis hirta (hirta means hairy). Masamunei is endemic to the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. Tricyrtis Lightning Strike is another selected cultivar of masamunei, with foliage that shows a lot of green streaking on its chartreuse leaves. I actually prefer Minazuki over Lightning Strike; it grows a little shorter for me, but clumps up much better. Lightning Strike always seems to look a little ratty here by the end of summer, with brown streaking on the chartreuse leaves (never an attractive addition).
Minazuki has striking yellow foliage in the spring, fading to light green, with spotted flowers in the fall.
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These are so unique! Gorgeous.
Your description and opinion carry a lot of weight, you know! :-) I will need to write this down on the Spring wish list!

Thank you for the information about "hirta." I really would like to find a source for more information about distinguishing the different tricyrtis varieties.

I have one more little fellow (I purchased cheaply from the local WM this spring) that was marked only "tricyrtis." It's nearly ready to bloom. Hope I can figure out "what it is!" ;-)
Nancy... there are just so many different toad lilies; it's way cool comparing them.

Shady... usually you can at least guess what species go into a hybrid.

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