Thursday, October 09, 2008


Liz and I are just back from Montreal; we haven't even unpacked yet, there are a jillion e-mails on the computer, a box full of snail mail, and I need to go out and see if our garden is still there... everything here is green and wet, so we obviously had some rain while we were gone. Montreal was lovely (above at top the Basilica Notre Dame, and two shots of the rock garden in the botanical garden. I have three hundred pictures to sort through and will post some more pictures.
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I'm glad you enjoyed your visit! Montreal is a beautiful city.
Can't wait to see more of your pictures. I went to the botanical garden up there last winter, but most everything was covered up for the winter, so I didn't end up seeing much. I wasn't prepared for that, I guess we don't get such cold winters here. The pictures you have so far are lovely.
Oh I'd love to go there! And, peut-etre je parle francais a la meme chose! Did you just take a vacation?
nancy... next year, Quebec City!

Megan... the Botanical Garden is quite a nice one; better than the Royal BG at Toronto, i think.

Benjamin... my birthday present.

What a birthday present! I'm sure you had a great time... will look forward to more pictures. You'll have to amble over to see your garden at my place! ha.
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