Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Small Guilty Pleasures In The Garden

Ranunculus ficaria (the lesser celandine) is a small creeping woodland buttercup that would like to creep all over the garden, up the street, and probably downtown for lunch, if you let it. It has become an invasive plant in the woods of New England. Some of the fancier named clones are less invasive (especially the doubles), and our climate is probably hot and dry enough here to keep these little plants from getting too frisky... the areas of the country where it is invasive are all quite a bit wetter and cooler than us. Still it's not always wise to get too cocky about growing invasive creepers, but I love these little lesser celandines... they are my guilty little garden pleasures.
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Forget the guilt and focus on the pleasure. :) They're delightful.
I tried a variegated variety and got rid of it -- not because it wasn't pretty, but because it had plans to take over the world! I grow native buttercups now. They seem a little better behaved and just as beautiful.
Hmmm, I think I will just enjoy yours. They are bright little faces!
They ARE beautiful. Don't be feeling guilty!! I am just going to have to focus on admiring a lot of your little fellows, right now. :-)
Heck, who *doesn't* like to creep downtown for lunch?! ;-)
~ Monica
Cutie pie plants...I love the name Lesser Celadine.

clay and limestone
Nancy... well, I did find one that seeded out into a busy pathway.

Sylvana... you're cooler (your climate, that is) ;o)

Barbee... probably safest.

Shady... I thought lamium was cute too.

Monica... Just so I don't end up paying.

Gail... me too; sounds nice in the mouth.

i've got a great patc h of lamia and nettle, well controlled. there's a time and a space for every plant, i say. if you're responsible you make sure they don't get out of hand and that you're not too near any native reclaimation projects. i'm not, so there's no guilt.
CD... I hope you're right; you haven't met my "lamium from hell".
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