Monday, May 05, 2008

Magic Time

As the twilight in late spring lingers longer and longer, I find myself lingering in the garden until the dusk becomes a palpable thing. As the sunlight fades, there are certain plants that seem somehow to capture the last light in the garden, and glow against the darkening ground; Heuchera 'Caramel' is one of them... magical.
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The very best time of day for photos. :) This plant is wonderful!
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Heuchera's are great plants. I have the 'Palace Purple' variety and the 'Stoplight' Heucherella's in my corner shade garden. Thanks for visiting my blog!
I don't have Caramel, yet. :-) I do have several varieties, though. And I'm loving the Tiarella right now!!! My favorite little Heronswood Mist is blooming nicely, as are the other varieties!! yea!
I never met a Heuchera I didn't like. They're so freakin' cute! And they do do well in sun, despite what a certain garden tried to tell me once!
~ Monica
Nancy... I love taking photos of the garden just after sunset.

Dave... how do you like stoplight? I find it hard to blend in with other foliage.

Shady... you MUST have Caramel, and maybe Peach Melba, and probably Creme Brulee :o)

Monica... I can see where one could get a serious obsession with heucheras.

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