Saturday, January 19, 2008

Making And Losing Garden Friends...

Being in the habit of saying whatever's on your mind is like having a loaded shotgun in your car trunk... they both make for an uneven life. For example: over the years I've made quite a few garden friends, but more than one has fallen by the wayside... there is a very active hosta club here in town, and I was walking about with one of the true hostaphiles from that group, and he asked me why I had never joined. I just popped out with my feeling about hostas... that they are kind of like those large, abstract art prints that you buy at the furniture store; you never really look at them but buy them just to make a spot of color in that dark back hallway that leads to the bathroom. He was not amused.
Now, I admit I've got an awful lot of different hostas in the garden considering how flippant I seem to be about them, and some of these hostas are really getting nice as they've gotten larger. Yet, there isn't a one of them that I can truly say I'd feel overly bad about if it turned up its toes; I think there are just too many hosta varieties that look too much alike... I'd just plug another hosta in the blank spot and get on with it.
At least I don't discuss politics in this blog
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Don, that is EXACTLY how I feel about hostas--perfectly put. I planted five on the north side this summer, but it felt a bit obligatory.
Oh,oh...Now just slow down a bit.
I really DO like hosta 'cuz they do such a good job of doing what others can't quite accomplish. I mean, just look at those beautiful hosta in your photographs. What other plant would/ could you have used to give the same effect? The heights, colors, textures and variety... But, in all honesty, (wo)man cannot live on hosta alone!! ;-)
Nicely expressed, Shady!
There are just so many wonderful plants to enjoy.
And hosta is one of them!
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Oh sure... now you guys are taking the hosta's side against me and Benjamin :)
Hear hear!
Thanks for coming out and saying (much more eloquently) what I've been thinking about hostas for years. I don't dislike them, and they serve a purpose, but if you're gonna geek-out about something, make it roses, or rhodedendrons, or Tricyrtis.

Yah... Toad lilies!

Well, I happen to LOVE hostas, because I'm so into foliage. And yours are displayed so beautifully! They're so healthy, but if you'd ever like to get rid of any, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. ;-)
Alright! How about both if both Kylee and I get in line? ;-)
Kylee & Shady... If you're ever in Iowa City, you'll go home w3ith a box full.
Be careful... I can almost sniff them out! Plus, I live in Fairfield. ;-)
That's a great description. I have an awful lot of hostas in my garden, too, but I can't imagine joining a club to talk about them.
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