Friday, January 18, 2008

Back On Course With Daylilies

Gardening is like life: sometimes you can wander off course for no good reason... take daylilies, for example; when I first started my garden, they were one of the stars of the garden... perhaps THE star in late summer. However, with time and a few dozen trips to local plant nurseries to purchase trees and shrubs, the garden started getting shadier, and the daylilies therefore scrawnier. One new plant infatuation after another (azaleas, then Japanese maples, then magnolias, and on down the line) took me deeper and deeper into the shade. The daylilies faded into pitiful excuses for plants; if they ever bloomed, the flower immediately flopped over... whether from too much shade or from a feeling of neglect, I do not know.
This summer I've tried to make amends; I started moving the daylilies out from behind bushes and from underneath trees, and I've been moving them into their own little spot in the center of the garden; I'll not exaggerate and call it a real sunny spot, but at least you can see your shadow there in mid-afternoon. Well, the daylilies have responded; either to the increased sun, the daylily love, or both. Once again, these bright candy flowers are a highlight of July.
Now, this next summer I must go looking for the irises that I know are around here somewhere.
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It will be my delight to see your collection of irises this spring and summer!
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