Friday, October 13, 2006

Robin Follies

Well, it's that time of the year; I knew right away, when I walked into the garden, and a robin fluttered out of a crabapple tree and flew into a fence... every fall, flocks of fat robins migrating south for the winter, stop off in our garden and are astonished to find fruit hanging everywhere. They think they've died and woke up in robin heaven... they absolutely stuff themselves with this fruit, some of which has fermented in the warm October sun, so the robins get completely looped, to the point where I actually saw one fall off a limb once. They always remind me of the bird, Woodstock, in the Peanuts comic strip, who sort of flew upside down. The robins are supposed to just have a snack and a snooze, then head out for Missouri, but instead they just go on an absolute bender, hanging around until either the fruit runs out, or the snow starts blowing... and there's nothing more pitiful to see than a robin, too hung over to fly, sitting dejectedly in a bush while snow builds up on its head. I think even our cats are pretty disdainful of these partying redbreasts; normally the cats are very interested in any bird, but they want nothing to do with the robins... it's kind of like when you meet a drunk in the street, and you try to avoid them, because you're afraid they're going to throw an arm around you and tell you their life story. When the robins sober up, I bet it's going to be a while before they can stomach eating a worm again. Posted by Picasa

LOL, too funny. Drunk bird stories are always good for a laugh. Apparently, Hitchcock's The Birds was inspired by true story of drunk birds going on the rampage. Not as bad as in the movie, of course...
I love reading your stories. You make your readers feel like they are right there with you.

You know, you should write a book. Well, wait, maybe you have!

This was a great post!!!!
I agree with Cherdecor. I visit and read every day-you have a wonderful way with words.
Janet, Cherdecor, & Sissy... Thanks for your comments. Just got back from being out of state, so I have to catch up on replying... I'm glad you liked my reporting on the drunk robins. It really is quite surprising to me, that if you you just keep your eyes open when you walk out the door, that every day you see SOMETHING that is interesting or amusing.
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