Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Goodnight, My Baby

We've gone from pleasant upper 70's yesterday, to 38 degrees currently; headed to the 20's tonight, with gusting, swirling wind and stinging sleet. A walk this evening in the garden was somewhat incongruous. High in a white oak tree a bluejay tried to throw out his alarm call (for the weather?), but the wind grabbed his wild cries of "JAY!", and blew the tatters far down the valley. Every volley of cold air coming over the ridge, tore leaves from the treetops and sent them spiralling and skipping madly across the pond. On the ground, protected as it is, the garden was still in full foliage, with many late flowers blooming, appearing as if it was still late summer. This illusion will, of course, all be gone tomorrow, as if a stage has been cleared overnight of its elaborate sets; gone until the sun next spring rises high enough above the valley to finally cause the frozen soil to steam and melt, and tempt the snowdrops to venture into the cool air. A few things will survive the night... mums certainly, the cyclamens too, and the epimediums will retain their foliage until mid-December, with luck; but the lushness of the garden will be gone in the morning, so goodnight my baby... and goodbye.Posted by Picasa

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