Wednesday, June 22, 2005


This red daylily is perhaps outdated, compared to some of the newer red hybrids, but it's priceless to me; you see it's a passalong from an old gardening friend, who died many years ago. It came with no name, but I call it "Dr. Ellyson", after my friend. There are many such plants tucked away here and there in our garden, all with shining faces, like my old friends. Posted by Hello

I don't believe any flower gets outdated and gardens are something that we plant to enjoy so anything that creates pleasure out there or reminders of things in the past should just simply be there.
I wanted to comment on your red daylily "Passalong"...was it by chance given to you by Dr. Craig D. Ellyson of Waterloo? he was my grandfather and i am interested to know...
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